The 6-Phase Process

Phase 1: "Set-up"

“Set-up” is the most crucial phase that most businesses miss! It is the foundation to obtaining great digital marketing results.

Phase 2: "Goals"

Working with you on your goals will help us to establish tangible marketing objectives that bring in more fans, leads and clients.

Phase 3: "Content"

We’ll gather your marketing collateral into a central content library for use in future marketing campaigns.

Phase 4: "Targeting"

We’ll identify who your ideal client is and start building custom audiences for Facebook advertising.

Phase 5: "Ads Creation"

Woohoo! This is the phase everybody is waiting for. This is where we pull together the previous phases and launch a series of ads.

Phase 6: "Optimization"

The Optimization Phase is an ongoing phase where we’re constantly testing new tactics to bring in better and better results.

We look forward to meeting you...

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